Saturday, July 21, 2007

Another Robbery?

I hear phrases like, "Third time's a charm," and "Bad things happen in three's" and before coming here, I don't know if I believed in all that!

So, as Ian mentioned in the last post, our Mud Festival trip was amazing- definitely in the top 2 best excursions we have done here so far! Ian also mentioned that I had a story to tell, and I do. I just wrote this intro to build the anticipation. Alright, alright, so here is the story....

Saturday night, after a long day of beaching it and mudding it up, Ian was super tired and wanted to head back to our motel room that we also shared with Andy and Leah. So I said I would go back with him and told Andy and Leah that I would take the key, and leave the door unlocked for them. (Can you see where this is going?!) So, Ian and I head back to the motel, he fully passes out within 1 minute of his head hitting the hard floor where were slept, and I am left to try to sleep myself.

A few minutes after closing my eyes, I hear Andy and Leah come home quietly. I kept my eyes shut because they turned on the radiant light in the main room and I knew that if I opened them they would burn! I thought it was strange that they would even bother turning on the main light, but continued to keep my eyes shut and tried to sleep. Then, I felt the light go off and Andy come in the room. 'Ah, that's nice,' I thought in my head, 'Andy and Leah and coming in to get their clothes, so they can change in the other room so they don't wake us up.'

Have you ever had the feeling when you are almost asleep, but you feel like someone is standing over you? Well, I felt like that and slowly winked open an eye. I caught a glimpse of Khaki shorts and legs too hairless to be Andy's. My eyes slowly travelled up the man and I realized that it wasn't Andy and Leah in our room at all... it was a Korean man, going through Leah's wallet and bag, right beside where Ian and I were sleeping on the floor!

So, I stood up and shouted "What the hell are you doing, get the "~BEEP~* out of here!" He Korean man dropped the wallet, and made some hand gestures that could be interpreted as "no, no" and I just kept yelling "What are you doing? Get out!" And he finally bolted. My heart was racing so fast. I tried to wake Ian up with all my might. I tried kicking him and yelling to him that a robber was in our room- everything. He was fully passed out. And I clearly didn't want to stay in the room by myself anymore, so I grabbed some warmer clothes and ran outside with my only weapon- the key. I locked the door behind me and surveyed the area, hoping to catch a glimpse of the criminal. I started my trek down the strip to find Andy and Leah and continuously tried reaching them on their cell phones, but I found out later that their cell phone weren't on them.

To wrap the story up, after searching for Andy and Leah down the strip at the Mud Festival for about an hour, I headed back to the motel room and there was Andy and Leah, Andy glaring at me because he had no idea what had happened- all they knew was that they couldn't get in our motel room, had been knocking on the door and woken up the neighbors. They knew something was wrong because I was completely sober, so I should have heard the pounding if I were inside the room.

So, after a night of craziness, and talking with the Korean police (which is usually a challenge enough in itself!), we went to bed that night with our hearts racing. Luckily, the robber had dropped Leah's wallet when I yelled at him and took none of our belongings. Leah and I went and got a mud facial the next day and felt a little more relaxed.

After these past two months of insanely coincidental incidences, I feel like we can handle anything! While all these things have happened, we still have to credit ourselves as extremely lucky! it could have been a lot worse. And, after all, it makes for a good story in the end! ;)


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